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Silver Lake Resort Terms & Conditions


This program is specially designed for the Referral of persons known by a Silver Lake Timeshare Owner (friends, relatives or co-workers, etc…) that are of contractual age.1. If married, cohabitating, engaged or single and traveling with a companion, both persons are expected to be present at the tour and sales presentation to redeem any gift or service offered in connection with this referral program.
2. The referral guest must be gainfully employed.
3. All Referrals must be confirmed and pre-qualified by SLR prior to their visit. All Referrals must be pre-booked and pre-qualified by the Owner Referral Department a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to arrival, except as provided for herein, when an Owner ‘s referral travels with the Owner(s) to SLR as the Owner’s guest.
4. The Referral must travel on the Owner Referral Promotions Program. All Referrals must travel separately. Groups (two or more couples) traveling together will be considered one (1) Referral.
5. The Owner Referral Promotional Program is valid for up to 2 adults and 3 children.
6. If a Referral travels under another promotion, even though the Referral name was submitted, no Referral credit shall be awarded to the referring Owner(s).This program may be changed or cancelled without notice to the owner(s) at SLR’s discretion. Owner’s Referrals are not eligible for participation in this program if they have visited A SLR property during the past eighteen (18) months under any SLR sponsored Referral Program or any other programs or promotions sponsored by SLR in the past ninety (90) days. Owners who travel to their resort (SLR) with friends or relatives who reside in the Owners unit and desire to preview the property may be considered and Owner’s referral only if the owner has submitted the friends or relatives name to SLR Owner Referral Program prior to their arrival at SLR or upon arrival at SLR, but prior to any scheduled sales preview for the Owner’s guests, friends or relatives. SLR will pay for all gifts or services given prospective buyers.This program shall remain in effect through December 31. 2015, unless revised by Silver Lake Resort. Silver Lake Resort may change this program at it’s sole discretion. This program is not valid in the states of New Jersey, Minnesota, and Texas, and is void where prohibited by law. The annual limit to the number of referrals in accordance with section 721.20 Florida Statutes is twenty (20. Rewards for Referrals who visit and preview Silver Lake Resort, preview and purchase at Silver Lake Resort will begin January 1st of each year.

When a referral is in possession of another promotional offer by SLR , the Referral must choose the promotion in which they will participate.  The referring Owner(s) may not receive credit or compensation if the referral chooses an alternative promotional offer.

Any reward due to Owner(s) on a referral who purchases will not be paid until the Referral has made six(6) timely payments on their account if they financed the transaction through Silver Lake Resort.

Rewards to Owners for Referrals will be made in either RCI Points, which can be redeemed through RCI Points for vacation stays or for Network Partners. SED rewards shall be sent by US mail.  Owner(s) may apply SED toward purchases at the resort cabana, gift shop, room charges or to purchase area attraction tickets on site. SED may also be used to pay maintenance and taxes simply by endorsing the SED and returning then to Silver Lake Resort with instructions as to how they should be applied. They must be sent VIA certified mail to : Silver Lake Resort Contract Administration, 7751 Black Lake Road, Kissimmee, Florida 34747. If an Owner(s) loses their SED, they are not replaceable.

For information regarding Rewards in Silver Escape Dollars or Rewards in RCI Points, Please contact Owner Services at 407-397-2828, ext 5154.  You may also email to joannab@silverlake.net

By participating in this program you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions.

This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of a vacation ownership plan.