Program Information - Silver Lake Resort

Program Information

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– Owners’ Referral Program –
By Referring Your Friends and Family!

You earn Silver Escape Dollars each time you refer a guest to tour Silver Lake Resort.
For each qualified referral that visits and previews Silver Lake Resort, you receive;

• 7,500 RCI Points for First Two Qualified Referrals or $50 Silver Lake Dollars

• 10,000 RCI Points for Third & Fourth Qualified Referrals or $75 Silver Lake Dollars

• 12,500 RCI Points for Fifth & Thereafter Qualified Referrals or $100 Silver Lake Dollars

(Rewards for referrals who visit and preview Silver Lake Resort start over each year on January 1st)
Should your referral join our Silver Lake family of vacation owners, after six timely monthly payments, your reward will be;
Referral purchases minimum of 24,000 points = $300 Silver Lake Dollars or 30,000 RCI points

Our Travel Specialist Team will work hard to offer your referrals the Most Attractive Packages Available. We make it easy;
Click here to register your friends and family and we’ll do the rest! For more details or to speak directly with one of
our team members call;